Upgrade to LED lamps and save up to 90% on lighting costs!

A few years ago halogen down lights were all the rage! Popular in kitchens and bathrooms, 6 to 10 fittings in one room are not uncommon. The lamps frequently blow and are very expensive to run. Changing to LED lamps can save up to 90% of your lighting costs. A typical halogen lamp is rated at 50W– the equivalent LED lamp at just 5W! Count up how many you have and the savings become obvious!
Rated to 40,000 hours LED lamps come in a range of colours and fittings– warm white looks fabulous in the home giving a contemporary feel. Depending on whether your existing fittings are 12V or 240V, a qualified electrician may be needed to convert the fittings. If they are 240V you can do them yourself; a wide selection of LED lamps is available on- line from LED HUT and John Lewis amongst others and it’s not just down lights that can be upgraded. Wall lights, reading and decorative lamps, as well as outdoor security lights are all available with LED lamps.
How do I know if my lamps are 12v or 240v? Take out a lamp and look at the fitting; the 12V halogens have 2 slim push fit pins called MR16 fittings  but the 240V version have fatter pins, more like a bayonet fitting that pushes then twists too engage known as GU10 fittings . If your lamps are GU10 then it is a DIY job; if they are MR16 then the 12v transformer up in the ceiling will need to be disconnected and moved and the new GU10 lamp holder connected by an electrically competent person!


Reduce energy costs Grantham, Lincolnshire

Left – GU10 lamp holder and GU10 LED lamp necessary for conversion; Centre- 240v GU10 halogen suitable for direct exchange withGU10 LED; Right- 12v MR16 halogen lamps and transformer.

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