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Does solar work in the winter?

Solar panels still work well in the winter, generating enough to power the washing machine and dishwasher on even the shortest days



Electrikcollective Limited is a member of the NICEIC,  the UK electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body. Our electrical work, solar PV installations and quality management systems are audited annually by inspectors, who guarantees the standard of our work and accredits us with  approved contractor and competent persons status. All electricians carrying out electrical work in the UK should be approved by a recognised body to ensure their work meets current safety standards.

To see Electrikcollective Limited as an approved MCS installer go to

http://www.niceiccertification.com/our-services/mcs/list-of-mcs-installers    and click on East Midlands.

To see Electrikcollective Ltd  as an approved electrical contractor go to http://niceic.com/Page/SearchContractors


The Microgeneration Certification Scheme


The MCS scheme certificates both installers and technologies used to produce electricity or power on a small scale. All Solar PV installers must carry MCS accreditation and use MCS accredited products if their customers are to claim FITs payments. (www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Generate-your-own-energy/Sell-your-own-energy/Feed-in-Tariff-scheme)

Electrikcollective Limited is an accredited MCS installer. The MCS website   provides a wealth of information on a range of micro generation systems.To see Electrikcollective Limited as an approved MCS installer go to http://www.microgenerationcertification.org/mcs-consumer/installer-search.php


The Renewable Energy Assurance Scheme (REAL)


As part of our MCS accreditation Electrikcollective Limited is a member of REAL. Set up by the Renewable Energy Association, REAL aims to guarantee quality and customer protection for those installing small scale energy generation systems such as Solar Panels on their houses. The Consumer code covers a wide range of factors relating to consumer service and ensures our customers peace of mind.

  • details of the assurance the Code gives;
  • clear information on the systems and their performance;
  • any arrangements for installing and connecting the system;
  • the selection and quality of goods supplied;
  • details of the conditions of business that apply;
  • the standard of any installation and other on-site work;
  • guarantees, and any maintenance and after-sales services needed;
  • what action will be taken to deal with any problems; and
  • monitoring and continuously improving procedures.

Please go to www.realassurance.org.uk for more information.


Print Revolution Limited


Print Revolution is a Nottingham-based design & print company whose staff are committed to environmentally sound practices. The company continually invests in latest print technology which is both highly efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Specialising in high quality graphic design and full colour printing, the company has grown significantly since being launched; business success has been achieved through ongoing repeat and referral work for clients.



Jackson Associates – professional business advisory services.


Jackson Associates of Grantham have been fantastic with helping us set up a new limited company. We were helped with everything from registering the company and dealing with VAT, to setting up a book keeping system. Dave is always on hand to offer us advice and support; the whole process of launching a new company has been made so much easier due to our partnership with Jackson Associates. I am able to visit the office on a regular basis to keep the accounts up to date or pick up the phone whenever I have a worry. It’s a big step to take launching your own company, we’ve invested a lot financially and it’s reassuring to know that Jackson Associates are behind us!


GoMoSoLo Ltd – Digital Services Agency


Sadie- Michaela Harris at GoMoSoLo Ltd of Peterborough built this website and our standalone mobile website, both were created on time, within budget and our brief was expertly interpreted by Sadie, we were delighted with the  results. Sadie also set up our our Facebook business page, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Most importantly she taught us how to use them all effectively for our business and took the time to explain why the use of New Media in business is essential these days. Sadie is great with people who have little or no experience with websites and New Media, like Facebook and Twitter, she continues to be our go to person for help and advice on all things web related, both our desktop and mobile websites are hosted by GoMoSoLo.