Is solar still worthwhile? Grantham solar installers say ‘YES’!

With recent cuts in the Feed in Tariff once again attracting plenty of negative press coverage, the general public may well be sceptical about installing solar PV. Many people think that they’ve missed the boat since the over- generous and unsustainable 43p rate has been reduced by more than 60% over the last year.

This is not the case however; price reductions throughout the industry have resulted in solar PV installations still being an attractive option. As the energy suppliers put up their prices and we turn back the clocks, it’s good to know that your roof is earning and saving you money all year round.

Electrikcollective Ltd offer an exceptional service and value for money; using quality products we can offer a 10 year workmanship warranty, 10% return on your investment and  a 10 year payback time- subject to a site survey being carried out. Once our technicians have visited your property and a design tailor made to your requirements, figures can be even more attractive.

Solar PV can save you money on your bills this winter

Think you’ve missed the boat? Think again! Solar PV makes financial sense!

We specialise in providing bespoke systems tailored to individual needs; we source a variety of  components in order to meet budget and design requirements . We carry out every bit of the installation ourselves and are passionate about providing an exceptional service and value for money. Call us today- you haven’t missed the boat at all!

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