Solar PV

Photovoltaic solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. It is surprising just how much electricity can be produced in the UK; direct sunlight is not needed to produce electricity. Our own 1.75kW system ( 10 panels) will produce enough energy to power a dishwasher or washing machine on  December days in the UK and has outperformed the generation predictions over the last two years.

This is not new technology; countries such as Australia and Germany have been producing power from solar panels for years.

The Government backed Feed in Tariff Scheme (FITS)has  made installing this technology financially worthwhile; your savings are far better off on your roof than in the bank. Even with the continuing cuts, the price of wholesale components and installation are frequently falling. You can still get your money back in less than 10 years, earn over 10% return on investment and save on rising energy costs.

It is not difficult to install; a roof or open space is required that faces within 90 degrees of south and is not affected by shade. The solar panels clip to rails; these are fastened to the roof trusses below the tiles. DC power is produced by the panels, which is turned into AC by an inverter.

Generally speaking, unless you live in a conservation area, planning consent is not necessary. (Contact the planning department of your local council). An average domestic installation of 4 kW would be in the region of approximately 16- 20 panels.

Solar- still a great investment!

Even with continuing cuts in the FITs tariff, competitive wholesale and installation prices make solar still a great investment.


Solar electricity systems can costs in the region of £1,500 to £2,000 per kW, compared to double that this time last year. Contact the Energy Savings Trust for impartial advice on buying a system

At Electrikcollective we believe that alternative energy should be affordable to everybody; please contact us for a quote and be surprised at our prices and the quality of our service.