What maintenance is required? What are the maintenance costs? Is there an inspection regime necessary?

The panels are designed to be self cleaning via the rain and, as they have no moving parts ,are therefore virtually maintenance free, a cursory hose down once a year when cleaning out the gutters would probably suffice. Again the inverter is solid state and as such is maintenance free. The performance of the system as a whole could be carried out periodically, however once you have lived with the system for a while you will be used to its output and it would soon become apparent if it were not performing properly.



If there are power cuts can we still use the energy we are generating? I presume that we cannot export power if there is a power cut?

In the UK, small scale embedded generators (SSEG’s) that are grid connected, must disconnect and shut down in the event of a loss of mains on the grid side. The anti-islanding regulations are there to prevent any accidental back feed into the distribution network, which may for example have been deliberately switched off to make it safe for personnel who may be working on it.



We live in a low sunshine area here in the hills (alt 240m) what is the impact of this?

Modern panels don’t need direct sunshine to work and will produce a good output in diffused sunlight. The orientation of your property suggests that you would produce most energy earlier in the day. SHADING ANALYSIS is carried out at all properties during the consultation period; this takes into consideration location of possible shading issues (trees etc) and the geographical location of the property. All data is passed to customers with an estimation of expected generation.


What is the lead time for installation and how long would it be expected to take?

Every property is different and there is a huge choice of panel design and layout, as well as a wide range of cost options. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange an assessment of you property, during which we would be more than happy to answer all your questions.