Cut Price Solar Panels: Competing with the big boys!

Very competetive with an excellent service.
Cut price solar panels

Last week we were challenged to beat an extremely competitive quote from a very well known supermarket! As if things aren’t difficult enough for the SME; what with confidence badly damaged by the ever changing Feed in Tariff rate, the press scaremongering about the future of solar panels and the general state of the economy! Now the supermarket giants are offering ridiculously cheap prices!

It was a bit of a David and Goliath situation but sometimes being small has its advantages. A few hours of research later and things were looking up. With wholesale costs down about by around 30% since the end of 2011, the 21p FITs rate is still very appealing. However, new extra costs such as essential Energy Performance Certificate and the compulsory workmanship warranty insurance had to be considered.

Being a small business means we don’t subcontract to others, so discounts can be passed down directly to our customers. We are passionate about the quality we deliver and refuse to lower our standards, choosing a familiar combination of products which we have installed many times before We were able to offer a 4 kW system with a DEIHL inverter (10 year warranty) and Amerisolar 250W panels (12 year product warranty) at an excellent price. With an Installation Workmanship Warranty to 10 years as well, the final calculations revealed a payback time of 8.39 years and annual ROI at 11.91% – not bad for a west facing roof!

Don’t be put off by what you read in the press. A smaller company can offer great value for money and provide a better service. Solar panels are still an excellent investment, will reduce your bills and will lower your carbon footprint.