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Confused about solar power? Solar PV panels in Grantham

Are you confused by what you read in the press about solar power and the Feed in Tariff? It is still a great deal- the FIT tariff will only be cut by a fraction on 31st March 15 so don’t be scarred off. A 4kw system can be installed for as little as £5300 (depending

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Exceptional prices and service: Solar Panels in Lincolnshire

“Electrikcollective Ltd have just installed 16 Solar panels on the roof of our house, the workmanship and efficiency of the company was outstanding, price wise you could not beat them at just over £6,000 it’s unbelievable.  We would not hesitate to recommend them.” Mr and Mrs Montgomery, Great Gonerby Grantham.        

Solar Panels Grantham: Breaking news- 21 pence feed in tariff rate extended!

Solar Power Portal revealed breaking news just 3 hours ago claiming that the DECC may well change their minds on cutting the feed in tariff on June 30th this year. Suggestions that the date will be extended to the end of July mean plenty of time to go ahead with an installation and still get

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Cut Price Solar Panels: Competing with the big boys!

Cut price solar panels Last week we were challenged to beat an extremely competitive quote from a very well known supermarket! As if things aren’t difficult enough for the SME; what with confidence badly damaged by the ever changing Feed in Tariff rate, the press scaremongering about the future of solar panels and the general

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Solar panels Grantham: FITs readings due!

It’s that time of the year again when those of us lucky enough to have solar PV need to send off our generation readings to the energy provider. The FITs scheme- or feed in tariff- works in several ways to help you recoup the investment you have made in your solar system and make further

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Solar panels in the High Peak, Derbyshire :3.92 kW PV system at Combs

What a beautiful place for a few days work! The team were very happy to travel to the amazing High Peak are of Derbyshire to install a 3.92 kW Solar PV system in Combs. The system is expected to generate  3126.59 kWh per year giving the owners and excellent return on their investment and savings

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Solar panels Newark: 2.250 kW solar PV system

Electrikcollective are pleased to announce the completion of a  2.250 kW Photo Voltaic system comprising of 9 x Amerisolar 250 w panels and SMA 2000HF inverter in Balderton, Newark, Nottinghamshire. The installation took 3 days, despite the British summer doing its best to disrupt work on the roof, and the householder can expect and annual

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9.88 kW solar PV system installed in Spalding

Electrik Collective are pleased to announce the completion of a 9.88 kW system in Spalding, Lincolnshire. The system, which took just over a week to install, uses Schott 190 w black panels and 2 SMA 5000TL inverters. It produced a whopping 50 kW on the first full day of generation and is expected to generate

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Solar PV Spalding: Excellent Customer Feedback!

I have received some very positive feedback from one of our customers in Spalding regarding their 3.88 kW system installed back in March.   “We have just registered 50% of our projected target of 1850 kw/h (based on SAPs calculations) ie we have made 925kwh. We started on March 9th and till today that is

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